Sunday, December 28, 2008

Digital Photography Tips - How to Take Winter Photos

Rilo and snow by Aaron Michael Brown

Merry Christmas!

Many people may not have the chance to witness the white snow Christmas in winter like in the Europe or Canada especially for those living in South East Asia. The tropical weather is totally different from them. Decio Fernandes will like to share his experience here

Many people that have just started taking photographs have no knowledge that, when taking pictures of snow, the properties in their cameras are set to counterbalance the abundance in light that is reflected in the snow. Because of that, snow is captured as gray or blue instead of white. Fortunately, there are two solutions for this simple problem that frequently happen in the winter. You can change the setting to "beach" or "snow" mode and the camera will self-adapt to the bright light and fix the issue. The other solution is to manually manipulate the camera to recognize the snow as it should, while observing the effects through the LCD screen.

At the same time it is not easy photographing snow because of all the bright light, once you realize what you can do to overcome that problem, you are instantly blessed with breathtaking and exclusive images that you cannot obtain in any other season. There is usually such a striking difference in colors that make winter pictures unique and extremely attractive.

Whenever taking photos outside, photographers are usually confronted by some difficulties. One of them is when the picture ends up being too dark because the camera tries to compensate for the intensity of light. In this case, most people use the flash to help with the lighting. You can also choose the "action" mode to make sure that any moving subject is captured precisely.

There is such a wide variety of photographs that can be seen in winter photography. All the contrast and textures of nature are simply infinite.

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