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Photo Studio Accessories

Story by: Sharpics

Now that you have decided to set up a photo studio, you can start hunting for the tools you require.

The first and foremost thing of course is the camera. Depending on how good you are at photography, you can choose from the basic digital SLR camera or a point and shoot type, a semi pro model or if you are a confident user, the professional model. Select a large memory card to begin with or even perhaps get one or two extra. Most cameras have a display screen. It is better to have one as this allows you to perceive the composition of your image before you shoot. Just in case you haven’t come across one with this feature, look for one with a video-output so that it is possible for you to attach the camera to a TV or computer screen to preview the results.

When it comes to studio photography, a tripod is one thing you cannot do without. There are many varieties to choose from to suit your needs. It provides a steady support. And stable platform for your camera.

It is important to use the correct lighting. These comes in as continuous or tungsten and flash. With the more traditional continuous lighting is cheaper and easy to work with as this gives what you see is what you get image. Tungsten lighting produces a lot of heat and it can be uncomfortable to both the photographer and the subject.

The flash lighting or strobe lighting also creates near-to-perfection results. This also you can choose from an array of things you get in the market. There are flash adapter rings, flash battery packs, flash diffusers, flash brackets; flash modules flash synchronizers to make your life easy with.

A good lens set is also needed in your studio. Other than the standard lenses, there are zoom lenses wide angle lenses, macro lenses to choose from.

You can enhance the use of the lighting methods by incorporating the use of backdrop accessories. They come as umbrellas, softbox. You can use just white paper or fabric to achieve the desired results as well or even paint your backdrop with acrylic paints. You can add a decorative backdrop too, which also comes as a backdrop accessory.

Next the use of a reflector will help you to cast away the shadows you tend to get while shooting. These will soften shadows and reduce reflections. You can achieve this by holding a white cardboard to reflect those shadows or you can buy a number of things available in the market. Reduce hot spots

There are software solutions available to help you with the minor faults while shooting. There are software solutions available to correct or enhance practically every drawback you have.

There are carrying cases available to suit all your equipments, which make it easy for you to carry them around if any need arise. They are compact and beautifully built.

All these gadgets are available in a wide variety so that one can choose what suits their need and pocket and make their photographic experience a pleasant one.

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