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Become A Better Photographer With Free Online Training

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By Michael J Kryzer

If you have just started selling your photography you have probably realized that it is worthwhile learning everything you possibly can about professional photography techniques. But how can you take some photography training while your income from selling photos is still building, without breaking the bank?

That is the question many new freelance photographers face, as they move from taking photos as a hobby to professional photography that needs to pay the rent. Fortunately there are some great training videos available online, and they are free.

Without a doubt, freelance photography is one of the best businesses that you can operate from home. You can work when you want, and - in many instances - where you want. If you want a day off you can take it. And as a freelance photographer you have several alternatives when it comes to selling your photography. You can sell your photographic services for weddings, portraits and even corporate business needs, or you can sell your collection of images as stock photography.

Your success as a freelance photographer will come down to your ability to consistently take high-quality photos that clients will pay for. And that means knowing the same techniques that other professional photographers use.

So where can you learn these techniques online for free? One of the best places is YouTube, where people post videos on all sorts of topics. To get to the photography training, go to YouTube and search for "photography", "photography lessons" or "photography techniques".

You will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality of training videos that are available. Discover how to position your models, how to set up a studio, how to arrange lighting and reflectors, and how to frame your subjects in order to get the best image. You will be able to choose from lessons on portrait photography, baby photography, night photography, using light meters, advanced digital camera techniques, and more.

Don't forget, after watching all these training videos, you will only really learn it by doing it. Get out there and practice the same techniques. By doing this, over and over again, it will become second nature to you. Then you can concentrate on taking some more great photos to sell.

Michael Kryzer is the co-author of "Sell Your Digital Photos". If you would like to learn how to sell your photos and build a freelance photography business, visit

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