Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tips and methods for under water photography

By: Jessica Thomson

These days, under water photography is fun for everybody. Thanks to the range of equipment obtainable now a days. On the beach or pool, in the waves the reef, there are huge water proof like point and click cameras and even one use models that one can use for getting good picture, provided if someone follows few simple tips. For that lot of talent and equipment needed for specialized under water photography and many scuba training programs have good photography courses. But if you want to come home from where it's wet with some cool photos, here are some tips to get you started.

The best time to take underwater photos is usually mid-day because the sun is overhead and will illuminate underwater subjects clearly. Draftee under water photographers are often astonished how rapidly light and colour get lost after plunging few feet underneath the surface. Most water proof point-and-shoot models got fitted flash and people can use flash anytime and more than a few feet below the water.

Handy tips:
Distance can be deceptive as well. If it is viewed through a facade, the objects may emerge closer than they truly are. Confirm to get closer to the subject as probably before taking a photograph. Try to keep an eye out behind on the subject. While directing in just a beautiful fish, want a jellyfish hovering toward backside. Water proof cameras do have well fittings for wet and sandy times. At the time of rainstorms one can take some very interesting photographs through a waterproof camera and other smart photographers leave their luxurious SLR at home when they go to the beach. Salt water and sand are two of the most horrible enemies of all kind of camera, so by using a shutter model makes a lot of sense and may assist to avoid costly repairs.

Good seminars for tips and method:
At famous seminars related to techniques of underwater photography, people hardly talk about underwater device or the tendencies of sea creatures and how to get in the water. Photographing is matched with an egg. There are many good underwater studios that are really made for photographers. Now a day's many dry-land studio photographers those who know about multiple-light systems seem to overlook all about it when they go diving. Most of them use one strobe over the camera, aimed directly ahead.

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