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What are the different types of photography?

By: Jessica Thomson

Lots of people enjoy photography in universal, but several likes to concentrate on just one type of photography. There are different types of photography that includes sports photography, nude photography, underwater photography, animal photography, landscape photography, portrait photography and aerial photography. People can focus on one type of Photography since it is their profession or it is a passion. Some types of photography, like underwater, requires special equipments to take pleasure in it. If people focus on single type and technique then make sure it interests the person.

Types of photography:

1. Advertising Photography- It is a type of photos that are made to demonstrate a product. Such images are usually completed with a design firm, advertising agency or with a domestic corporate design team.
2. Aerial Photography - It is process of taking of photographs from the top with a camera mounted and hand held, on a helicopter, aircraft, rocket, kite, balloon, and skydiver. It was extensively used for armed purposes.

3. Architectural Photography
4. Astronomical Photography - through which various used for astronomical photography for observatory.
5. Baby Photography.
6. Black and White Photography.
7. Cityscape Photography - it helps to take digital photos, capturing the essence of the lighting and exposure settings, photo subject ideas.
8. Commercial photography - It includes editorial photography, advertising photography, photojournalism, fine art photograph portrait and wedding
9. Concert Photography - it is among the most difficult ones.
10. Digital Photography.
11. Documentary photography
12. Equine Photography - It includes photographs related to horses and all linked with horses.
13. Family Photography- family photography that including everything from snapping.
14. Fine art photography,
15. Fine Art Nude Photography

16. Food Photography.
17. Glamour or Fashion photography
18. Infrared Photography.
19. Landscape Photography
20. Macro photography
21. Nature photography
22. Night photography
23. Pet Photography.

Few more interesting:

Portrait photography was around, whiles the invention and polarity of the camera, and is an inexpensive and often extra accessible technique than portrait painting that had been used by illustrious figures previous to the use of the camera.

Seascape Photography is mostly used for beautiful seascape art and seascape photography and they are very popular among the scuba diver.

Travel Photography is used for taking pictures of landscapes, architecture and night photography, nature of different places.

Underwater photography is the procedure of captivating photographs in underwater. It is generally done at scuba diving, but can be completed while swimming as well.

Wedding photography is most likely one of the obscured one, but they are challenging forms of photography that involves a great deal of accountability, abilities and acquaintance.

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