Sunday, November 11, 2007

Which is the Best — Nikon D3 or Canon Mark lll?

Story by Visuallens

The battle between the Nikon D3 and Canon Mark III continues. There are many die-hard users of both cameras and you can read the debates on these two popular cameras on many photograpy blogs.

I am neutral and I am not a so-called die-hard user of these two branded cameras. But I started my photography with a Nikon. I switched to a Canon when the EOS entered the market recently.

Let’s see how the Nikon D3 which I think is a superb camera stack up against its Canon rival. The Nikon D3 will be available in the market here by December and I am wondering how many professional photographers especially from newspaper companies and wire agencies will be using the Nikon D3 in the coming 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Presently, the Canon Mark III has a better edge over its new rival. It is leading in the professional models in the world market.

However, Canon had admitted it had an autofocus problem but the company had solved the problem. It involved secondary mirror which was not staying aligned especially at high temperatures.

Nikon claimed another public relation advantage over Canon recently. NASA used the Nikon D2 in the recent astronaut adventure where the video telecast was widely telecast all over the world and everyone noticed the Nikon camera was used.

Can Canon maintain the same market shares of face stiff competition with the introduction of the Nikon D3 model in the market? We’ll watch how this battle unfold in the near future.

Meanwhile, check out for yourselves and compare these two sample pictures taken by a Nikon D3 and a Canon Mark lll with High ISO 3200 and Sample 100% cropped. The lady photos are taken with the Canon Mark lll and the baseball photos taken with the Nikon D3 with ISO 6400 and 100% cropped.

I was told that we are not allowed to use any pictures taken by the
pre-models for any publication as they are not fully-made model. I found
out that there are some samples of the photos taken with the Nikon D3 out in their blogs. Let me share with you of some of their findings.

To be fair with both parties, all of you can judge for yourselves by
examinating the sample photos taken with the Nikon D3 and Canon Mark lll.



According Master blog, the Nikon D3 pictures, shot at ISO 3200, were taken at a soccer field. They are believed to be taken using
a Nikon D3 and Nikon 400 f2.8 VR lens.



According to, Nikon Canada Inc. recently offered accredited professional sports photographers (attending the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball home games at the Rogers Stadium in Toronto), the opportunity to try out initial production samples of the new Nikon D3 12.1 MP FX Format digital SLR.



There are two video footages of Nikon D3 and Canon Mark lll for your viewing and comparation if you have a fast broad-band connection.

Click here to view : Nikon D3 and Canon Mark lll

So you had read and view the comparation of these cameras, which one you decide now! Nikon D3 or Canon Mark lll ? Welcome to vote and commend .

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